The Baby Room

This area is for the under two's, the children are under the staff ratio 1:3.

This unit is provided in one large room, area's are sub-divided into a rest area and activity area. This provides the children with a reassuring and a comforting environment. Activities are planned around your child's interests and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. These include creative, role play and messy play. The babies go out for regular walks around the village and playful activities are set out on the outdoor play area.

Each child will have a key person an adult carer they easily relate to, who will guide them through a range of activites during the nursery day which will include the option of free choice. The staff will be encourging each child with confidence, independence, personal hygeine and social skills. The key person is also responsible for their developmental folder and learning journey, which can be viewed by you at any time.

When your child is nearly two, visitis down to the Toddler Room are introduced to help them become familiar with the staff, children and day to day routine.