Welcome to the Preschool Room, this group consists of the 3 - 5 year olds, the children are under the staff ratio of 1:8.

This unit is provided for across one large area with seperate rooms divided into an Art Room, Role Play Room and Activity Room, with activities that are set out based on your child's interests and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

During your child's day in the Preschool Room they are given the opportunity to move freely around the areas indoor or outdoor. The staff offer support and guidence to help your child achieve, build on their confidence and encouage independence before they move on to school.

WEach child will have a key person carer that they can easily relate to, who will guide them through a range of activites during the nursery day which will include the option of free choice. The staff will be encourging each child with confidence, independence, personal hygeine and social skills. The key person is also responsible for their developmental folder and learning journey, this will be kept in your child's own draw and can be viewed anytime by you.